Changing the way businesses grow digitally.


The Accelerator teaches 4 Cornerstones pivotal to every digital business.

Get them wrong, and you will fail- Get them right, you’ll grow and profit.



The Accelerator delivers the 4 cornerstones of digital business. Branding, Email Communications, Facebook Advertising and Data Driven Analytics- 4 core programs in 1.




Access the Accelerator program in 12 business friendly monthly payments.
60 Day Guarantee. Watch as your business and revenue grows.

Save $367 and avoid recurring payments


Friendly monthly payments


If you want to build a business

not a hobby it’s time to get serious.

Here is the problem. You've crammed information, most of it the "wrong" information into your brain while that little voice in your heads keeps telling you this is too hard- you should quit. Marketing and real growth shouldn't have you feeling like you are running on a hamster wheel. The faster you go the more you push the more you just keep circling in the same spot. Stuck.The truth is that success in an online- digital world isn't based on guessing. It doesn't come from buying "info products" and it won't happen unless you want it. Things need to change. Study the most successful business owners and you will discover what they know. Plan- Process-Action.

These 3 key pieces will break or break any business.The Accelerator isn't a product you consume and shelve. It's not a coaching program- like you might believe. It's a plan of action backed by a team of people who know their industry in and out. The Accelerator is a combination of people. Assembled to bring over 26 years of experience to the program. Our mission is to completely change how people learn digital and profit from it. Join the Accelerator- test it for 60 days and stop guessing at what will make your marketing work. You'll get all the processes, techniques and clearly laid out personal plan on how to grow and scale your brand fast.

Digital Branding 101

Our foundation program inside the Accelerator. It’s where your business brand will go through a complete overhaul. First, it’s your site design and the user experience, then we’ll craft your brand guidelines.

Email Exact

Our copy and design specialists will plan and customize your email marketing backend. Start to Finish. No more blank pages or bad copy- your messaging will match your market every time.

Facebook Advanced™

Inside the Accelerator we pair you with an ad specialist trained by Facebook-working inside their ad department- 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Hands-on training,inside information, and powerful knowledge you simply *can’t* get outside the Accelerator.

Data Connect

Your data is how you make decisions, and those decisions become actions. In the Accelerator you’re going to go inside multi-million dollar analytics accounts to learn which metrics to track and how to analyze your marketing cross-channel and across the entire customer journey.

“This lady is for real- a rock star- probably her biggest contribution is her smooth, classy, and "elegant" approach --this savvy only comes from her wit and experience. She is easily 3 or 4 levels above others. She does not just dive in with no rhyme or reason--she has a logical, structured, systematic way of approaching this critical parts of a business, with a good bit of psychology woven in. She gives of her time and expertise. Take advantage of this rare opportunity.”

Carl GuidryDigital Inc

“Investing in True Digital's Accelerator has absolutely changed my life. By following the 4 Cornerstones laid out in this program, I have been become laser focused on the things I seek to accomplish as an entrepreneur. This focus, coupled with the hands-on mentoring I have received by working with Alexa has already yielded more financial rewards than I ever dreamed possible in only a few short months. Best learning investment I have ever made!!!!”

Claudia Chambers-Beach Kayterra Farms

“As a brand, you’re doing yourself in injustice if you don’t have an iron clad digital marketing presence. The value and attention to detail that Alexa has brought to our brand is amazing. The strategies and campaigns are robust and fit our brand like a glove. We are only scaling up. ”

H.J PruittFounder, American Flea and Company

Give yourself 60 Days to put the Accelerator to the test

Take the next 2 months to put the Accelerator program to the test. Follow each cornerstone, complete each assignment and submit the work to us. If we review and see that you have completed each week’s assignment, and are not making quantifiable progress-  a refund be issued.

If you have not followed each step, completed and submitted the assignments then you are not due a refund.


It’s All About How You Execute

Our Thoughts On Joining

The Accelerator needs to be looked at as a serious undertaking. The same dedication and perseverance which goes into a professional degree like a BA or a Masters degree. The results you get from the Accelerator are completely in your hands. Nothing is guaranteed or promised. We have worked to accurately represent the program, it’s products and their potential. The Accelerator team makes no guarantee of results, and you should not interpret other member’s testimonials as implying you will achieve the same or similar results.

The Accelerator does not express earnings potential and if there is any semblance to one it is an opinion only. We welcome all students to join the Accelerator if they are committed to following the steps, attending the sessions, and advancing their business. This program is not an “information” product and there are no guarantees as to the outcome- your execution alone determines what you will achieve.